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Portable Ionizer Alkaline Hydrogen Rich Water Maker

Quick Details Packaging & Delivery newly Hydrogen Rich Water Improves Water Quality (1) NEW - New invention to provide strong antioxidant hydrogen-rich water. (2) Portable - Use it anywhere, anytime to produce fresh hydrogen-water! In your family It is enough for family use a time. (3)...

Product Description






NameHydrogen Water Machine
FunctionMake hydrogen rich water for healthy drinking 
AdvantageQuickly to get high concentration hydrogen
PowerDC5V / 1A
Maximum output≤5W
Maximum volume≤500ML
Water temperature0-40℃
Net weight310G
Hydrogen concentration500-800ppb
Negative Electricity-450mV ~ -300mV
PH Value7.2
AccessoriesMain cup,charger ,manual book


 1. What is the Benefits?

As an antioxidant, Hydrogen Water is beneficial in:


  • Aging (slows aging and helps rejuvenating cells)

  • Detoxification (improves general well-being and smell of the body)

  • Absorption of nutrients and improved metabolism

  • Gastroenterological problems

  • Liver and kidney function

  • Dermatological problems (healing of wounds)

  • Immune system problems

  • Allergies

  • Respiratory problems

  • Diabetes (improves HbAlc levels)

  • Cancer  

  • Cardiovascular problems (including stroke and heart attack)

  • Preventing formation of LDL ("bad cholesterol") and plague in arteries.

  • Disease Prevention - Hydrogen water protects from formation of free radicals by giving them electrons. (Free radicals starve for electrons. If their hunger for electrons is not satisfied, they turn against the human cells causing damages to cells, impairing the immune system, leading to infections and various degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc...)Health improvements - The combination of superior hydration, strong cleansing and antioxidant power at cellular level is beneficial for several health conditions. Hydrogen-water also supports the body's natural healing ability by providing ideal biological conditions and healthy environment, where no bacteria or virus can live.


2. Operation


1. Pour some water into the cup. (Purified water is not acceptable and the water temperature should be less than 40℃).)

2. Long touch the switch to start, and short touch the switch to choose working condition.

3. Wait until done. (Light 1 on indicates 5 minutes work time.)

4. Drink hydrogen-rich water when it is finished.



More bottle you can see in below:


High quality:

Our factory has been specializing in the Hydrogen Generator and exporting to many countries for many years,we will make our best to assure sample quickly,good quality,on time delivery,and offer you the most competitive price.


Best Price and Service:

1.Most competitive price

2.Prompt delivery

3.reliable production capacity

Sheenzi Trading is well-known as one of the leading professional portable ionizer alkaline hydrogen rich water maker manufacturers and suppliers, which is equipped with a productive factory. In the past over 10 years, we owned good reputation for our good service and the high quality of portable ionizer alkaline hydrogen rich water maker. Now please feel free to wholesale our products at your favorable price.

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